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The Premonition Code website is proud to introduce the Positive Precog Training Site. This may be the only free online resource that supports training in long-delay controlled precognition, a subset of remote viewing in which the target is not known by anyone until after the choice of target is completed. If it’s not, please let us know about other ones! Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the Positive Precog Training Site.

Participation in the online experiment is optional. You can still do as many practice or test trials as you want, compete for placement in the Positive Precog Hall of Fame and use the classroom resources, and take the quizzes without being in the experiment. If you do choose to include your data in the experiment, you’ll get nothing special from that except a good feeling about supporting scientific research. Perhaps we will contact you if your scores are phenomenal.

One of the most important advances of the test and practice trial protocol used here is that you don’t have to see any possible target images before you actually see the target. In order to achieve this, we chose to represent two potential future target images as graphs showing the proportion of particular kinds of things in each image. You select the graph that most matches your session. How-to for controlled precognition is described in Chapter 5 of the book, but in the test and practice trials, we will remind you of each of the 6 steps of controlled precognition.

TEST trials count towards the Hall of Fame, and your scores are are counted toward your official score. PRACTICE trials do not count towards the Hall of Fame, and your scores are not counted toward your official score. So consider doing practice trials whenever you just want to work on your skill, and test trials when you feel “in the zone.”

Although we built the Hall of Fame to motivate people to keep working on their controlled precognition abilities, the best reward is really the experience provided doing controlled precognition on a regular basis. For many people, it becomes a practice in which they learn about themselves and how their mind and intuition works. That’s really the best gift there is, and we invite you to share your experiences in learning, as a result of your practice, with the Positive Precog community. If you want to learn more about the training portion of the website, please read our FAQ.


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