Changes to training site…and 2 slots left for Controlled Precog 101, starts Wednesday!

Procrastinating on joining Controlled Precog 101? Class starts Wednesday April 3. Registration closes tonight. Here’s the link:


Hey everyone — I just changed the training/practice area at

Here are the changes:

1. I added a new area called a Practice Playground. It’s for people who don’t want the correct/incorrect designation or to have to choose graphs. Instead you choose the elements you feel from your session are in a graph and then you see the target photo and you can choose to see the graph that goes with the target at feedback time. Or not. Worth trying — find it very relaxing. 

2. For Practice and Training areas, I’ve changed the graphs. The graphs are more detailed now as to the meaning of the elements. Also, instead of showing the proportion of the element in each target, there is just a yes/no for each element as voted by 2 or more of 3 independent judges who looked at the picture. Hopefully this will solve some concerns with the database and the target presentation.

3. At the top of each feedback area (where you see the target image) I’ve put a tasking in there that is always the same, “Task: Please describe the visible contents of the target.” This is a response to anecdotal evidence that direct tasking works better than implicit tasking.

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