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An important aspect of being a Positive Precog is being involved with your community, whether it's using your precognition skills or otherwise. Giving back supports feelings of self-transcendence, which leads to positive impacts on your physical and emotional wellbeing -- as well as the fun to be had in meeting other people. You might also be looking for community service opportunities to ensure you can get into the Hall of Fame when you've done well enough to achieve that status (see the Positive Precog Training Site for more information).

In any case, look no further. Here are some hints to get you started. Also, joining the Positive Precog community on Facebook or Telegram will allow you to connect with other like-minded Positive Precogs, and find additional volunteer/community service activities.




  • Work with local law enforcement to find missing people -- but please offer your services once only, then let them decide whether to use your services.
  • Provide career counseling for under-privileged individuals.
  • Contact your local senior center for volunteer opportunities.
  • Contact your local community center for volunteer opportunities.
  • Go to Volunteermatch to find volunteer opportunities in your area.
  • Create a Meetup in your location for Positive Precogs (this serves the Positive Precog community) or provide administrative/logistical support for an existing meetup.
  • Create and monitor a Positive Precog Telegram channel focusing on a particular aspect, concern, or direction of precognition. Once you get your channel and it's description ready, please email Dr. Mossbridge at so she can include it on the list of Telegram channels on this website.




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