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Recent Advances in Time Travel Research

Recently my dad got concerned about me because I was speaking publicly about my conviction that within my lifetime (and likely within the next 10 years), we will see the first time travel application. It will not likely be a person moving through time — but a package from Amazon or some quantum bits arriving the moment they are needed or before? More likely.

A classical physicist, my father didn’t like me using the words “time travel” because he thought it sounded flaky.

I am writing this for him and everyone else who thinks precognition is interesting, but time travel is impossible. But here’s the thing(s):

  • No one has yet explained why human perception of events seems to move in one direction, while most physical processes are reversible in time.
  • There is no clear agreement among physicists (not to mention philosophers) about whether there is something like time that is ticking away — aside from our human experience of such a thing.
  • Reconciling the seemingly predetermined “block world” version of spacetime resulting from Einstein’s special theory of relativity with the seemingly not predetermined and dynamic view of events arising from most (but not all) interpretations of quantum mechanics is a thorny issue not currently solved according to most physicists.

“Today the subject of time travel has jumped from the pages of science fiction to the pages of physics journals as physicists explore whether it might be allowed by physical laws and even if it holds the key to how the universe began. In Isaac Newton’s universe time travel was inconceivable. But in Einstein’s universe it has become a real possibility.”

— J. Richard Gott, III, Princeton University emeritus professor of astrophysical sciences
(Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe, 2002, p.5)

Given the current state of confusion about time, I’d like to suggest that we’re in a revolutionary period though we may not have realized it yet. I suspect these are the “before time travel” years…an idea based on:

  1. an uptick of scientific disagreements and discussions related to time,
  2. an increase in the number of scientific and philosophical papers published in the past few years related to time reversal and retrocausality, and
  3. a recognition that generally when quantum mechanical effects are found in photons and electrons, atoms and molecules seem to follow suit.

 Here’s a sampling of the research news I’ve been compiling (it’s also on the Premonition Code website).

In other news, my talk on the Precog Economy at the Institute of Noetic Sciences 2019 Conference is now available. You can watch it here with the password “MoonShot50”.

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