Holiday Time Travel Hints for Positive Precogs


Too much shopping? Too many year-end tasks? Not enough time?

Never fear! Time travel is here. The Premonition Code is delighted to offer five time travel trips to help reduce your holiday stress and turn the end of your year into the beginning of, well, another year. Here they are!

Time Travel Tip #1: Use your precognitive skills learned at the Premonition Code training website to mentally map the lines at the 3 stores you’ll visit in the next 3 hours. Move from store to store according to the most efficient route.

Time Travel Tip #2: Take up experimental physics and join Dr. Mossbridge in trying to solve physical + mental time travel by 2023, potentially drawing on recent advances demonstrating the quantum Hall effect, then go back in time and shop for the 2018 holidays at your leisure (see photo of future successful time traveller, above).

Time Travel Tip #3: Enroll in the January-February online Controlled Precognition 101 or 201 course (depending on your experience) — see descriptions and registrations here for 101 and here for 201 — then work with physicists on Time Travel Tip #2 (above).

Time Travel Tip #4: Make a map of spacetime to scale, mark the present and the future, then fold the map so you can step into January 3, 2019, having already completed all your tasks.

Time Travel Tip #5: Use your precognitive skills to record the steps that future scientists know are necessary to complete Time Travel Tip #2 and beat all the current scientists in their own game!

We know that you’ve enjoyed these time travel tips. Remember? We all laughed about it together in July, 2023. See you there! 


NEW ONLINE COURSES: Controlled Precognition 101 and Controlled Precognition 201. See Time Travel Tip #3, above!

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