All About the Positive Precog Training Site

This may be the only free online resource that supports training in long-delay controlled precognition. If it's not, please let us know about other ones!
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The Premonition Code - Book Cover

Premonition Code Book Tour (UK and US)

Theresa Cheung and Dr. Mossbridge will be launching their book tour with a talk at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA, on October 4. For more information, see the Events page.
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The (Really) Astonishing Hypothesis

What I want to turn to is the style of arguments voiced in two articles in this article series which represent the critical side of the debate. The articles by Schwarzkopf and by Houran and colleagues are telling in that they categorically deny the possibility of scientific investigations of precognition.
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Listen to Your Intuition, Because Your Body Can Predict Future Events Without Conscious Clues

Humans can predict the future when we have some evidence--like clouds and the smell of rain hinting at a storm. But can we anticipate future events without sensory clues?
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