Precognition in the Daily Mail…Time-Travelling Photons…Cool Beans!


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Exciting news!

1. Dr. Mossbridge’s precognition work is going mainstream with today’s publication of her article in The Daily Mail (UK) — check it out here! The purpose of the article is to shed light on the fact that precognition is a useful, scientifically supported skill that can be used to benefit the world. The Daily Mail has a circulation of over a million readers, and its online readership is even larger, so this is a golden opportunity to spread the word responsibly and with care. Please consider passing the article along to others who might be interested.

More exciting news!!

2 . About a year ago, Dr. Mossbridge analyzed data from a pilot experiment she performed to determine whether photons might travel backwards in time when they are not observed. She found evidence supporting this idea — an effect that seems to operate at long enough time scales that it could help explain how precognition works. Now she is crowd-funding an experiment to replicate and extend this result — so that the work can be published in a peer-reviewed journal. You can watch her explanatory video and read more about the experiment here. Please consider supporting her efforts and passing along the link!

Look to the future with love and be seen by the future with love.

— Julia Mossbridge, PhD

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