Time travel and the quantum Hall effect

Precognition is a kind of mental time travel, but physical time travel -- physical movement in the 4th direction forward and backward in time -- may be accomplished at some point in our lifetimes, given that the Quantum Hall calculation has been empirically confirmed. Check out this article.

Participate in Controlled Precognition Research

This is the welcome video for the Positive Precog Training Site -- consider participating in what we believe to be the world's largest controlled precognition experiment of its kind! 

What is time to the unconscious mind?

In this 25-minute talk, Dr. Mossbridge discusses her research related to physiological signals that seem to anticipate future events.

Time's arrow and free will

An interview with Dr. Ruth Kastner of the University of Maryland, in which she discusses time, free will, and the transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics -- in which the past and future conspire to determine the present.

Challenges to the 2nd law of thermodynamics

In this talk given at the Society for Scientific Exploration meeting in 2011, Dr. Daniel Sheehan of the University of San Diego discusses some challenges to the second law -- the law that describes how entropy behaves in a closed system. 

The taboo of psi

In this video of his Google Tech Talk, Dr. Dean Radin discusses the taboo that seems to still be present when people discuss psychic abilities, or psi.

A model of precognition

In this interview, Dr. Ed May, one of the lead researchers on the Star Gate project, discusses his model of precognition.

Retrocausation -- a primer

Huw Price, Philosopher at Cambridge, discusses retrocausality (backwards temporal-like causation) in this lecture geared toward academics.

Quantum delayed choice eraser experiment

This video does a decent job of explaining an experiment in which the future seems to affect the past -- the quantum delayed-choice eraser experiment. Also, here is John Wheeler himself describing the original delayed choice experiment.

Photon time travel -- closed timelike curves

So here's a neat discovery from some researchers in Queensland -- they sent photons back in time to illustrate closed timelike curves. Through a wormhole. So there, people who don't think that this can happen!

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