Theresa’s New Birthday Book and other updates…

Premonition Code co-author Theresa Cheung has an addictive and insightful new book out! If you’re into understanding how the warp and woof of the universe might influence you and your loved ones, check this out! You can get it at Amazon in the UK.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mossbridge’s nonprofit TILT (The Institute for Love and Time) and their close collaborators, The Windbridge Institute, received a grant from the Bial Foundation. The team will be conducting a follow-up study on initial results showing that pregnant women may have better access to subconscious information about future events than non-pregnant women. Also, the study will also examine how feelings of performance anxiety and unconditional love may influence precognition.

As is the case for all of TILT’s grants, the funding does not begin to cover the work — your donations help! 

Lyn Buchanan was trained as a remote viewer in the U.S. military and speaks in this video about his experiences. They are wild and interesting, and some of them qualify as precognition. Worth watching this mild-mannered, well-trained viewer.

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